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FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 11:00pm PDT
tens of people. this is shear evil. dana your thoughts on the radicalization of these kids? >> the loser number one what he thought was wealth and fame. that is not typical jihadist. and the suicide bombers don't necessarily want fame. they want, you know, fame to 72 virgins or whatever you get. i think we need to fight fire with fire. so "inspire" magazine. we need to have the equivalent maybe call it expire magazine. explain to them this is what is going to happen to you and be very clear from a communications standpoint to fight them where they are fighting. right now you have a lot of people sitting around scratching their heads going gosh, what made them hate us so much? could it possibly be islam. this guy wanted wealth and fame. it is to me class warfare on a global level. where you have the -- you take somebody that's hopeless, that doesn't feel like they fit in and tell them that they think they are better than you, and you could praise alibi killing them. and then for somehow the evilness gets warped. in most people don't ever get to that point. but we need to be able to
FOX News
Apr 30, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. >> dana: i'm dana perino along with our panel. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> dana: 100th day of president obama's second term and he marked it with a news conference. first in two months. topics ranging from the boston bombings to the sequester. we'll start with this one. whether he still has enough juice to get his agenda passed. >> do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through this congress? >> if you put it that way, maybe i ought to pack up and go home. rumors of my demise make the role exaggerated at this point. right now things are pretty dysfunctional up on capitol hill. despite that, i'm confident there are a range of things we can get done. >> dana: he was asked about obamacare and he is still trying to defend it. >> a huge chunk has is been implemented. even if we do things perfectly, there will be glitches and bumps if we stay with it, we understand our long term objective, in a country as wealthy as ours, nobody should go bankruptcy. if they get sick we people and save money over the long term. >> dana: that was president o
FOX News
Apr 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
20 [ bleep ] that's my life ♪ ♪ and clean [ bleep ]. >> you know to our resident rap expert. dana, you studied rap extensively bob. >> i'm a long time historian on rap music. i never listened to it once? >> this guy is clearly, all those nasty things you talk about. it's harvard. these people invited all kinds of whacko. >> greg: they invited you. >> bob: i protested. but i wouldn't agree with thing this punk says, but what are you going to do? they have the right to hire who they wanted and let it go. >> greg: the rapping doesn't come close and doesn't come close to dana perino. it's boring and stuck in 1994, but it's the fact that -- i'm with you. i don't care who goes there, but at least be fair. you can have a lady hating rapper but not a god fearing christian. a welcome mat for one person becomes a war path for another depending on their political ideologies or their beliefs especially if their beliefs happen to be traditional then they turn on them. that is the problem. >> kimberly: what do you think of this. is harvard doing the right thing? >> eric: it's a performance. the
FOX News
Apr 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
thought about tonight's show. good night from washington. >> dana: hello i'm dana perino and eric boling and grumpy greg gut field. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five". >> dana: we're going to have a little fun on the five and not beat up on bob in the "a" block. conspiracy theories. how many people believe in them? do you think aliens landed at roswell. was the moon landing and is big foot real? there is new poll out that just how many americans believe some of this stuff. eric, has your black helicopter dropped you off at fox, did you have any conspiracy theories in mind. >> eric: i do take a black helicopter. they are always there, by the way. [ laughter ] >> are you ready. producer, for five days has promised i could tell the world we are number two in all of cable news in all of 2013. and we run out of time. my conspiracy theater is that porter has known it all along. i thank our wonderful audience for number two and bring them along the ride to number one. >> dana: well played. andrea, you know there were times in capitol hill when you would be getting a ton of
FOX News
Apr 25, 2013 2:00pm PDT
come back with a show for you. all five presidents presidential library opening in dallas. dana per perino was there. she is going to tell us all about it next. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] we all have something neatly tucked away in the back of our mind. a secret hope. that thing we've always wanted to do. it's not about having dreams, it's about reaching them. ♪ an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and direction at >> kimberly: hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel. dana perino joins us life from texas where history was made today. all five living u.s. presidents gathered together for the dedication of president george w. bush library. 5:00 in new york city. 4:00 in dallas. and this is the 5:00. -- is the five. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: it was a rare reunion the of the world's most exclusive club. bush presidential center opened on the campus of southern university. >> mr. president, let me say that i'm filled with admiration for you and deep gratitude for you about the great contributions you have made to the most needy peopl
FOX News
Apr 2, 2013 11:00pm PDT
states and towns doing what they want in the gun laws. >> dana: new york school district has pretty effective program. i think it's finding, best practices are used where it seemed to 6 work. new york school system might be one that could be replicated across the board but if you are in small rural district that may not make sense. so i'm for local control and parents and students involved. i do think there will be a bill. i don't think it's a dead on arrival. it will be a on weaker one but there will be a set of principles that most americans will be able to agree on. that is what our constitution is. i don't understand there is some kind of honor code, extra honor code. >> they don't trust us. >> eric: few senators, they said no matter what the bill is they were going to filibuster. what are your shots. >> brian: the outline was beautiful. guess what? you like the connecticut rules, go there. you go to georgia, i wanted to own a gun and my neighbor has a gun, go to georgia. one thing i find fascinating, if we wanted to protect children, we wanted to protect ourselves on planes, we
FOX News
Apr 13, 2013 8:00pm PDT
later. >>> let's welcome our guests. she's so cute that butterflies get dana tattoos on their lower back. i'm here with dana, former white house press secretary, hip-hop artist and one of my thousands of co-hosts. and if wittiness were the wall street journal, i'd wait for him to come on my doorstep. bernie mcderr. and in lake placid, he's a bobsled. it's my psychic bill schultz. and if fearless commentary were a giant wave, i'd ride him with my surfing buddies. tucker carlton, editor in chief of the daily caller. >> daily blog. the lede. that's the first story. who the hell is this guy? >> your boss, jerk. okay, she's flinging barbs from behind bars. now she'll knife you with a 140-word character. i screwed that up. jodi arias is on trial for allegedly murdering her boyfriend but that hasn't stopped her from tweeting. yes, she's been using a friend taunting the press and prosecutors. the accused killer is clearly not a fan of headline news coverage writing hln is an acronym for haters love negativity. after nancy grace tweeted a picture of arias suggesting she was flipping the bird
FOX News
Apr 13, 2013 11:00pm PDT
right. i'll see you later. >>> let's welcome our guests. she's so cute that butterflies get dana tattoos on their lower back. i'm here with dana, former white house press secretary, hip-hop artist and one of my thousands of co-hosts. and if wittiness were the wall street journal, i'd wait for him to come on my doorstep. bernie mcderr. and in lake placid, he's a bobsled. it's my psychic bill schultz. and if fearless commentary were a giant wave, i'd ride him with my surfing buddies. tucker carlton, editor in chief of the daily caller. >> daily blog. the lede. that's the first story. who the hell is this guy? >> your boss, jerk. okay, she's flinging barbs from behind bars. now she'll knife you with a 140-word character. i screwed that up. jodi arias is on trial for allegedly murdering her boyfriend but that hasn't stopped her from tweeting. yes, she's been using a friend taunting the press and prosecutors. the accused killer is clearly not a fan of headline news coverage writing hln is an acronym for haters love negativity. after nancy grace tweeted a picture of arias suggesting she was fl
FOX News
Apr 13, 2013 1:00pm PDT
] that's my life ♪ ♪ >> wow. now we go to our resident rap experten not dana but bob. you studied rap extensively. >> i'm a long time historian on rap music. you know, i'm not sure i understand what the big deal is. this guy clearly -- all the nasty things he talks about, but this is harvard. these people invite all kinds of whackos to harvard. >> they invited you. >> they invited me in '89. people protesteded me. i don't agree with a thing this punk says except i don't see how you get a big -- i mean, what are you going to do, ban the right to hire whoever they want? let it go. >> i don't think it's the right thing. number one, the rapping isn't even good. it doesn't come close to dana perino. true. >>da boring, unimaginative, basically stuck in 1994. the thing is, it's the fact that i'm with you. i don't care who goes there, but ate least be fair. you can have a lady hating rapper but not a god fearing christian,ch a welcome mat for e person becoming a war path for another depending on their political ideologies or their beliefs, especially if they have to been somewhat traditional.
Apr 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
all the time. >> dana bash is standing by. and you also have more information on this other letter that was laced with some sort of substance addressed to the president. >> we're waiting for results to come back from additional testing. but one thing i wanted to point out, you asked a very important question about there being no connection necessarily that authorities know of right now, and that's certainly what i'm hearing as well, but one thing this brings up is what happened after september 11, 2001. in the fall, maybe three or four weeks after the attacks on 9/11, we did see a series of attacks here in the u.s. capital, and also at nbc in new york with the anthrax. so it's eeirley similar. everybody is already on heightened alert and then learning aboutpoison to the office of a u.s. senator and to the president of the united states. i remember in 2001, a lot of other people around here had to take the anti-biotic around here because of the scare. but ricin is similar in everybody watching a very big event, and something else happening, but also gets everybody on pins and needle
FOX News
Apr 9, 2013 11:00pm PDT
beckel dana perino and greg gutfeld and eric bowling. this is the five. >> do your children belong to you? or do they belong to the government? now, according to nbc news cable operation it's not you. take a look at nbc new ad featuring one of their stars melissa harris perry a left wing professor at tulane. she thinks children are the property of the collected. listen closely. >> we have never invested as much as much as public education as we should have we have always when a private notion of children. your kid is yours and totally your responsibility. we haven't had a very collective notion of these are our children. so part of it is we have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities. once its everybody's responsibility and not just the household's, then we start making better investments. >> wow. so once again, another attack on the nuclear family or as we have seen and heard this time before about how bold. >> we need to point out that isn't necessarily just her words
FOX News
Apr 13, 2013 8:30pm PDT
acronym. if you say a-l-d, it's initials. it's not rocket science. dana, you said arias is making a mockery of these tweets and you were quite strong about it. why do you think that? >> because the jury is not allowed to look at the media, to talk about the media or say nick that's going on. in the meantime she's lobbying her case directly to the public without going through the media, which would be the traditional way of doing it. still she has to be judged by a jury of her peers. are you following me? >> no. not even a little. the jury can't read her tweets, right? >> maybe they are. that's the problem in arizona, they don't know what the jury is not seeing or haven't seen. that's why that one juror got kicked off. have you followed this? >> you followed it more than i have. >> not really. >> if she's not breaking the law, if what she's doing is fine -- >> if she wants to defend herself then please stop using taxpayer money with the public defender that she has and defend herself. then she could stand up in front of the jury and tweet to her heart's desire. if she's using taxpaye
Apr 9, 2013 4:00am PDT
in case he attacks. officer: johnny, come on. johnny, we need to talk to you. dana, be careful up there, buddy. okay, dana if you have to do that remember, your first four to ten rounds are probably not going to have a lot of effect, so you'll have to backtrack real fast. okay. i'm just saying, i'd rather have a window broken... is y'all going to take him to jail? right now we need an r.a. to look at him to make sure he's not going to bleed to death. jim, he is not in the bathroom. he's on the bedroom on the west side of the house. it should be the last bedroom on the west side. can you redeploy on the west side? officer: okay, i can see him from here. can you see his hands? i can't see them from my side. okay, jim. just keep an eye on him. we'll wait for the r.a. hopefully, they'll get here real soon. still no sight of them. verify that you have an r.a. en route to east 74th. dispatcher: yes, sir, we do. dana, your partner's right behind you. dana, your sole job is what you got in your hand if it's needed, okay? cliff, your only job is taser. don't worry about anything else. clif
Apr 17, 2013 9:00am PDT
backpack as well. standby, lisa desjardins is in the building being evacuated right now. dana bash is standing by. she's at the russell center office building. brianna keilar's at the white house. we're awaiting a briefing there. here's what we know at the top of the hour, let's just reset for our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we're watching some potentially significant developments in washington. yesterday we learned that a suspicious envelope did reach the office of a united states senator, senator wicker of mississippi. an envelope that was tested not once, not twice but three times and so far proven to be positive for ricin. but authorities say they need more testing. they're sending that letter to maryland where the u.s. government does these kinds of tests for suspicious letters. a lot of nerves frayed as a result of this letter. and now a second letter they have stopped. a suspicious letter similar to the letter sent to senator roger wicker of mississippi addressed to the president of the united states. that letter is now being investigated as well.
Apr 6, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. i'll sit out. it's cool. i'll sit out. totally cool. dana goes, "me and christina have been doing the best in all the challenges, so we don't need to sit out." you know, they want to show off their [bleep], let 'em show it. dana and patrick let's go. (announcer) first up, dana and patrick will give the hell's kitchen slot machine a spin to find out the steak and ingredients they will be cooking. here we go. you're pulling for both teams, remember. we've got protein... flat iron. flat iron. flat iron steak? i don't-- i don't buy that at home. i don't cook that [bleep]. potatoes. potatoes. (all) mushrooms. (all) spinach. blue cheese. wow. good job. oh, my god, dana has got the [bleep] perfect dish. spinach, sauteed mushrooms. like, she's got this. that's perfect karma right there. beautiful, pat. christina and royce. awesome. let's go. it's the christina/royce challenge. the last time i went up against christina, i was beaten. i was beaten, man, fair and square. royce and christina. royce, three. christina. yay! thank you, chef. (royce) i mean, i hope every challenge i get to go up
FOX News
Apr 11, 2013 2:00pm PDT
dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and we're the third prime number. >> california republicans i just showed you 30% of registration in the state because they are really stupid and racist. >> 82% white. the republican party as i say in california all the time on the record in print and on radio and on tv is the last vestige of any angry old white people and that's what it is. >> the radical professor pinko for short. only come out when it's safe. meek students on comfy campuses dissent intimidation and threat of bad grades. do you think this guy is unique at columbia or berkeley he would be considered a right winger. i credit the young student who caught the progressive parrot on tape at its poly polywhs class. take another look at what passes for incident logical rigor. >> a person is less likely to change his mind about anything is an old white guy. old white guys are stubborn son of a [bleep], they just are. >> i don't think many swing voters ann romney. she looks like she is from 1955. happening on to the country club in mad men. >> what is it open mike night? that's not a
FOX News
Apr 8, 2013 2:00pm PDT
anybodies. good night. hello i'm dana perino, eric bolling, eric bolling and greg gutfeld it's 5:00 in the city and this is the five. a political icon of the 20th century passed away today. this morning britain's prime minister margaret thatcher died at the age of 87 from a stroke. her family says she died peacefully. she was the first and only woman to serve in the u.k. and served from 1979 to 1990. she stood showered to shoulder with president reagan against communism and nicknamed the iron lady. here is what she thought about that you the iron lady of the western world. they are welcome to call me what they like if they believe we should ignore the build up of russian military strength. >> thatcher defend the free market and critic of socialism and here is what she said about the liberal policy in 1990. >> all levels of income are better off than they were in 1979. but what the honorable member is saying is that he would rather the poor or were poorer provided the rich were less rich that way you will never create the wealth for better social justices. and what a policy. yes, he
Apr 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
chief congressional correspondent dana bash is joining us on the phone right now. and i want to be precise, dana. tell our viewers here in the united states, and around the world, what you're learning. >> well, cnn has learned, wolf, that an envelope that was addressed and sent to a senate office was intercepted and tested positive for ricin poison. and i've learned that from congressional and law enforcement sources, myself and mike brooks, who actually got the first tip on this story. now, we don't know which senate office this was original hi sent to. but we do understand that this envelope was tested positive. and a first routine test, it was retested two more times, so it was tested three times all together. each time it came up positive. and that's according to a law enforcement source who said that afterward, it was sent to maryland on an offsite facility to do further testing. we should remind our viewers, after the anthrax scare back in 2001, in the fall of 2001, when a couple of senate offices received envelopes with anthrax in it, they changed the way that the mail is di
FOX News
Apr 2, 2013 9:00pm PDT
, dana and leslie, you don't have ammo for the been. is it worth anything? >> i don't know, you're the one who always tells me, sean, as a gun owner and buddies who say guns don't kill, but people do and i guess the ammunition does. frankly, you know the second amendment does not address taxation, registration or anything regarding ammunition-- >> you didn't answer the question. the second amendment, the right of the people-- >> a gun can't kill without ammunition. >> sean: the right for people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. and making you quote, get gun insurance, which is pushed now as well in some states and limiting your ability to purchase ammunition, does that not render your second amendment rights useless? >> i don't believe so. and i'm not trying to be violent here, sean, but if you take a gun, which i have not done and i don't have, as you know, and you even see this in films, you can whack somebody to death with that, sean, and this is one of arguments that can be-- >> the right to keep and bear arms shall nod be infringed, but no bullets in the gun, dana,
FOX News
Apr 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
find the person responsible. >> eric: the governor and others are going to speak. >> dana: i'm going to pass to greg. >> greg: we talked about cameras that belonged to the runners. what about street cameras and cameras in the hotels. i get the impression we're constantly being under watch. is the gathering of that evidence making any progress here? >> reporter: it is our understanding there is substantial photographic evidence at the finish line. this is the square here and lack of a better phrase, it's not what they consider downtown boston but it's really the heart of city. there were cameras set up there. they were established there. we believe there will be photographic evidence, but will it lead to finding the bomber o? at this point, we don't know. >> eric: give us a sense what is going on there. how are the people, have they brushed this off or knee deep in this? >> they want to find who is responsible for this. it's remarkable to listen to the people of the community talk. their hearts go out to the victims but this was the boston marathon. this is patriots day in boston, mas
FOX News
Apr 30, 2013 2:00am EDT
little better, you would know he would be a blast. dana, welcome back to the program. we missed you, i guess. i am supposed to say that. why is it? what is with the constant cycle analysis of bad people? does it help? >> well, it doesn't help us prevent -- for some people like psychologists or if you are an fbi profiler or in the cia and trying to figure out what kind of person would do this to innocent people, psychoanalysis could help. we have spent so much time worrying about the why that we are not focused on the more important questions which are the who else, the when and the how to prevent it from happening again. throughout this coverage it somehow insinuated it is our fault. what could we have done differently to pre -- prevent them from being radicalized than to call it what it is. >> that's what i do with you. i get the feeling that the media when they are doing this stuff is somehow subconsciously mapping out the defense. this is how the defense is going to portray? >> they are mapping out the alex jones conspiracy theory really early. 60 minutes last week within a few minu
Apr 12, 2013 3:00pm PDT
here. joining me you no in this republican world, joe madison and dana milbank, that's for being here tonight c. get back to reality. why is it bringing out ugliness in the right? >> well, because they are just unenlightened. most enlightened societies throughout history become more tolerant. i mean, we know that. people went from the dark ages to an enlightened age and they became tolerant of change that is inevitable. but the real reason -- and people will ask -- well, why do they have such a large mega phone? a lot of it has to do with the elimination of the fairness doctrine that was in place from 1949 to, i think, the reagan administration and deregulating the ownership of radio stations and other media outlets and so if you end up disagreeing, wanting to present the opposite side, the reality is, you don't have access. >> right. >> and that, in essence, becomes problem beg propaganda. and that's what we're dealing with. >> the opposite of tolerance and growth. dana, when you look at the fact that today -- today, congressman steve stockman sent out a tweet and it reads, "our
FOX News
Apr 12, 2013 12:00am PDT
gave him a run for his money today? dana perino. >> but she is not overrated as a rapper. >> i should have had that ready. while we do half time maybe somebody can find it. >> i am just as happy you didn't. >> you hating on dana. >> no, i love dana which is why i don't want to see that again. jay we are never going to show highlights of "the five" on" red eye." i refuse to do that. >> thank you, sherrod. and sherrod, i agree. obviously jay-z's line about getting white house clearance was a line. i thought carney's line about saying nothing rhymes with treasury. >> i thought it was hilarious. you can rhyme like treasury and jay-z. >> these rappers can make it happen. i have seen lil wayne rhyme words that i didn't own in words. >> they weren't. >> that explains a lot. >> you say jay and beyonce spend a lot of time at parties with the president and probably discussed the cuba trip with him. seriously? >> i think discuss like a formal discussion, but just like a light, easy, small talk and maybe they had a few drinks. like, hey, maybe it is fun to check out cuba. i am just making
Apr 7, 2013 10:00am PDT
mckiben dana, a presbyterian minister from virginia, chronicled her own family struggles to set aside one day a week, in a book called "sabbath in the suburbs." now she leads workshops across the country, trying to find others find some sabbath time during each week. >> we all left things undone to be here, let it be. and i also find this a helpful way to start my sabbath is to say what has been done has been done, what has not been done has not been done. let it be. >> mckiben dana has workingfull me as a pastor and pregnant with her third child when she decided something in her hectic life had to change. she and her husband vowed to set aside one day of the week where they didn't work, run errands, shop, or return emails. >> a lot of people asked me, how did you do this? people do this. the jewish tradition still have a very strong component of sabbath-keeping to it. >> it wasn't easy, because she is a pastor and had duties on sunday, she and her family decided to observe their sabbath on saturdays. >> i'll knock it down. >> no, that's not how you play the game. >> we realized
Apr 13, 2013 12:35am PDT
about his trip to cuba, fox political commentator dana perino who -- god bless her, she's great. she made a rap of her own in response. i don't know if she's in jay-z's league. look at this. >> ♪ well, my name's tiny d and i'm here to say i've got funky fresh rhymes in a major way ♪ ♪ so i'm white like casper got a dog named jasper and if you don't think beyonce fears me ♪ ♪ go ahead and ask her [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i mean, even mitt romney was like, "pfft -- white people." [ laughter ] seriously. oh, here's an international story. iran is gearing up for a big presidential election in june. yep, this year it's going to be a tight race between ahmadinejad and the guy they picked to lose to ahmadinejad. it's really exciting. [ laughter ] this is interesting. a new study found that social networks like facebook, twitter -- have made people less polite to their friends. yeah. that's just one of the ways social networks have made our friendships different. here's a few more. before social networks, you might say, "oh, my god, can i see a photo of your baby?" after social netwo
FOX News
Apr 3, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." >> you are looking live at the denver police academy, where president obam is making his latest push for stricter gun laws. we will have more on that in just a minute. but first, stunning video of former rutgers university basketball coach mike rice, physically and verbally abusing his players. the video shows coach rice firing basketballs at players, hitting them in the back, legs, feet and shoulders. he was heard screaming obscenities and gay slurs at his players. >> rutgers saw the video in december and suspend rice 3 games and fined him $50 thousand. but today, after the video went viral, rutgers fired the coach. what did they wait for? if he was good enough to fire today, why didn't they do it before? >> obviously, because it got to esfn and a lot of people. this story infuriates me. we are in the middle of political correctness to disagree with people or one another or kids. our culture's in decline, but this is an example of our cult nur free-fall. i am saying because he got fired, not because of what he did
Apr 17, 2013 8:00pm PDT
another one of his fantastical stories. lisa gallegos and dana fer ar knew chichester as an eccentric character. >> he was funny. >> he was very interesting to talk to on many subjects. he knew a lot about things. he was witty. it was a lot of fun to hang out with him. >> a film student at usc, he told dana, often walking around campus with a script or two under his arm. >> we'd go to old films together. we'd talk about films. >> one of the films you saw together was "double indemnity," about a guy the ploiplotting a . >> good-bye, baby. >> this is the best movie, dana. we have to go see "double indemnity." >> he was a minor british royal, a baronet, said the business card he handed out around san marino. >> what do you think a baronet was? >> that's the funny part. i had no idea. >> she didn't question it, and neither did worry woods. >> he said he was here by himself, didn't really have a family, said he was from england and was the descendant of royalty from england. >> cory and her family were thoroughly impressed by the young aristocrat. he would dazzle them with stories after th
Apr 10, 2013 3:10am PDT
it ages just like our face does. >> announcer: plus, you'll also meet dana bledsoe, who, at 43, has been the leading authority on perricone products for over 12 years. dana embodies the very essence of the perricone brand. she has maintained her youthful look since starting to use the perricone products. >> your chin and your neck they're giving away your age. you're doing everything from here up to look stunning and so much younger, and you're forgetting that here and your here is really telling the truth. >> announcer: so, if you want to regain your youthful look and want a firmer, tighter-feeling neck, all in just 30 days, stay tuned for this life-changing show. [♪..., applaus >> hi, everyone. [scattered cheerin hi, you guys look amazing. for millions of women across the country, there's just one authority they trust when it comes to their faces. and who's that? >> crowd: dr. perricone. [applause and cheering >> dr. nicholas perricone has been transforming our faces for years, but the reality is, we're not just aging from the chin up, we're aging from the chin down, too. and fr
Apr 25, 2013 9:00am PDT
to dana bash up on capitol hill, our chief congressional correspondent. dana, this is going to fuel what senator mccain and some of his associates like lindsey graham and others calling for for some time some heightened u.s. military activity if not sending troops on the ground. i don't think anyone is anxious to see that happen, but at least providing weapons if you will to the syrian rebels. >> absolutely. you just heard from john mccain that's exactly what it's doing. in fact he's saying i told you so, now let's get on it. let's get a way to stop this. one thing i want to tell you that also happened in the hallway just around the time senator mccain was talking is former senator john kerry now secretary of state was going through the hallway of the capitol and we asked him, myself and other reporters, about these reports. and he said there will be a letter coming to answer the senators that will confirm two instances. wolf, that's new. that is not in this letter here which is the one that john mccain received. we went through it a couple of times. it does not say anything about t
Apr 9, 2013 8:00pm PDT
the head and nearly killed two years ago. she spoke exclusively to our dana bash and the recovery. the interview airs tonight on "ac 360." take a look. >> in your recovery process, do you want to find and discover the old gabby giffords or do you want to sort of rediscover another new gabby giffords? >> stronger. stronger, better, tougher. stronger, better, tougher. >> not resentful? >> no, no. >> how's that possible? >> move ahead. move ahead. >> dana and anderson join me now for more on the story. dana, you know, it is like you said how's that possible to not want revenge and she said that. what does she attribute this to? how's she able to be so incredibly strong and optimistic? >> i think first of all and knowing her a little bit before she was shot it is just her nature but it really is fascinating, erin, being around her and those close to her that she's had remarkable progress, even over the past few months since she and her husband started this organization to try to push to curb gun violence and what they're telling me is that she's had the progress because she has a purp
Apr 1, 2013 7:00am PDT
" columnist, dana milbank and msnbc contributor and slate reporter, dave weigle. good morning. >> good morning. >> just a couple of headlines, why marco rubio needs to slow walk immigration a word of caution from rubio on immigration. dana, what's his strategy here? >> his strategy is to get this deal done without antagonizing rush limbaugh and the others in the conservative base who are crucial if he is going to run for president in 2016, he is going to remain a major force in conservative politics there is little doubt, as senator schumer saying this thing is going forward f it doesn't go forward in the senate it is now going forward in the house of representatives. so, it's very unlikely that rubio, whatever he does is going to stop this from happening and he doesn't really want to stop it he just wants to appear tough while he is doing it. >> nervousness about it. the director of the center for immigration studies told the "washington post" this, "at some point, rubio will either have to lash himself to schumer or walk away from this thing. i'd bet my lunch, though maybe not my aut
Apr 8, 2013 7:00pm PDT
members of the national rifle association. yet dana bash reporting tonight that congress which came back today from a two-week recess shows little sign of doing what as many as 90% of americans say they want in that regard. so tonight, after speaking in hartford, connecticut, president obama brought a number of newtown families back to washington on air force one to spend the next few days speaking with lawmakers, telling their stories, trying to make it personal. this is just minutes ago, you see the families arriving. nicole hockley lost her son dylan at sandy hook elementary. she introduced the president this afternoon, called on people to make this the moment when real change begins. whether you agree or disagree with the legislation he's pushing for, president obama today made a fiery speech in defense of it. watch. >> some in the washington press suggest that what happens to gun violence legislation in congress this week will either be a political victory or defeat for me. connecticut, this is not about me. this is not about politics. this is about doing the right thing for al
Apr 1, 2013 1:00pm PDT
, director of africana studies at lehigh university. with me in new york, dana goldstein, fellow at the new america foundation and at the nation institute. dana, this is certainly bad news for dr. hall and also for the 34 educators in atlanta who have been indicted, but this is not an isolated problem in the united states, is it? >> no, it's not. a 2011 investigation by "usa today" found nearly 2,000 instances where it would be more likely to win the powerball than to see the kind of test score jumps that we're seeing across country. >> statistically more likely to win lottery than to see the kind of increased improved performances. >> yeah, to win the powerball. and in atlanta, it was one in a billion chance of a random or legitimate jump in these test scores. >> wow. professor peterson, please allow me to read something to you. it's a prophecy of sorts by two economists who in 2003 wrote, "as incentives for high test scores increase, unscrupulous teachers may be more likely to engage in a range of illicit activities including changing student responses on answer sheets, providing corr
Apr 5, 2013 6:00pm PDT
preparatoria "lincoln" esta ubicada en el numero 555 de la avenida "dana" de san jose... topvo cesar ---maÑana se realizara un concierto para recordar a las victimas de la matanza de la universidad oikos de oakland, ocurrido hace un aÑo... ---un total de siete personas fueron asesinadas y ahora el sospechoso "one goh" se encuentra internado en un hospital siquiatrico... ---el concierto sera en la iglesia "saint paul episcopal church" de oakland, y comenzara a las siete de la noche maÑana sabado... ===roll ticker=== cesar ---tiempo de la primera pausa , pero mas adelante... take vo cesar ---una organizacion del sur de la bahia recibe varios millones de dolares para ofrecer capacitacion laboral a las mujeres... take vo cesar ---un reconocido politico latino que trabajo en el campo podria estar a punto de lanzar su candidatura para gobernador de california... take sot --- javier castro topvo cesar ---hoy, "tony smith", el director del distrito escolar unificado de oakland, anuncio que renunciara a su cargo el proximo mes de junio, dos aÑos antes de la fecha estipulada en su contrato
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